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Aquapark at Cullinan Belek
Aquapark at Cullinan Belek
Beach Pool at Cullinan Belek
Beach Pool at Cullinan Belek
Azure Pool at Cullinan Belek
Indoor pool at Cullinan Belek
Rooms 1 room rooms
Adults 2 adults
Children 0 children
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Swimming Pools & Aquapark

Promising an endless fun in the water, the pools of Cullinan Belek become one with the greens and blues of the Mediterranean and have been designed almost like a balcony overlooking the sea. Pools that cater to all kinds of preferences invite you to have a fun day by the water. Our heated pools operate all through the winter season (November-March) and also in cooler periods in April and October.

  • Indoor pool (heated)
  • Indoor kids pool (heated)
  • Indoor pool outdoor area (heated)
  • Azure pool (heated)
  • Azure kids pool (heated)
  • Lagoon golf pool*
  • Lagoon beach pool*
  • Beach pool (L pool)
  • Activity pool
  • Aquapark pool (heated)
  • Swim-up pool (-1 floor, heated)
  • Swim-up pool (Lobby floor, heated)
  • Golf club pool
  • Private villa pools (heated)

* The swim-up pools of Lagoon type rooms are not heated.

The Aquapark*
Designed for both children and adults on an area of approximately 3,000 m2, the water park has a total of 13 slides, 9 of which are in the Aquatower. With Bodyracer, Flying SAWRafting-Flying Boats, Magichole, Tunnel Freefall slides for adults and 9 slides for children, it is a centre of attraction where young people can have happy and active experiences all day long with lots of fun and activities that push the limits and children can have fun in a safe environment. Thanks to our heated aquapark pool during the winter, the fun never takes a break.