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Private Spa Area

Embark on a transformative spa journey in the exclusive Cullinan Belek Private Spa Area. Immerse yourself in complete tranquility within your own private suite, featuring a warm sauna, steam room, Turkish hammam, and dedicated relaxation area. Indulge in a symphony of pampering with personalized treatments, natural aromas, soothing sounds, and gourmet treats. Our expert therapists, utilizing world-renowned products, will curate an unforgettable spa experience tailored to your desires.

Private spa area facilities:* 

  • Cullinan Vip Suite (Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpool, shower, toilet, dressing area, relaxation area, couple massage area)
  • 2 Skin care rooms
  • Thai massage room
  • Body care room
  • Ayurvedic massage room
  • 9 Standard massage rooms
  • 3 Massage rooms for couples
  • Turkish Bath and ritual treatments
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Recovery section

* Access to the private spa area requires an additional fee.

Opening hours

09:00 - 20:00


Phone: +90 242 505 05 00