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Bicycle Friendly Hotel

Cullinan Belek, designed with an ecological architecture in harmony with nature in the atmosphere created by the unique blue and green hues of the Mediterranean, opens the doors of a world that offers matchless experiences. With its relaxing atmosphere and sustainable concept, Cullinan Belek invites its distinguished guests to experience unique experiences full of peace, pleasure and privileges, where they will reconnect with all the beauties of life beyond just a holiday concept.

Fully conscious of its responsibilities in each of the social, economic, ecological and cultural dimensions of sustainable development, Cullinan Belek aims to control all consumptions and minimize the damage to the economy and natural resources without compromising the goal of the best quality service and 100% guest satisfaction for a better world. The hotel aims to reduce the carbon footprint in order to cope with the climate crisis, and support bicycle use, bicycle exploration and transportation in order to promote bicycle tourism within the scope of sustainable tourism.

In Cullinan Belek, we increase your driving pleasure with the opportunity to rent an electric bike, and allow you to explore the city with pleasure even without strong legs or training.

Facilities for cyclists:

  • Bicycle Garage Monitored with 24/7 Security Cameras
  • Guidance by Knowledgeable Personnel on Cycle Routes
  • Charging Opportunity for Electric Bicycles in the Bicycle Garage
  • Bicycle Washing Area
  • Available Provisions
  • Sports Nutrition Menus
  • Fitness Center with Conditioning Equipment and Training Opportunity
  • 24/7 Laundry Service
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Technical Support for Bicycle Repair and Care
  • Certified Therapist in Sports Massage
  • Supplies, Spare Parts, Repair Kits, Energy Drinks / Bars etc. Sale for Cyclists
  • Bicycle and Equipment Transport Service to Bicycle Groups

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